My first trip back through time took place on early Monday,
Just as I awoke from slumber deep,
Strolled into the bathroom for some water,
When I sensed an urge so deep to sneeze.

The oddest charge came rushing through my body,
Sensation I had never known before,
The ringer in my nose turned quite alarming,
I sneezed, and found myself in Harvard square.

The time looked like a day from middle sixties,
Given by the way the crowd was dressed,
Dr. King spoke from behind the podium,
People cheered at front, I sneezed again.

In my bathroom, staring at the mirror,
Confusion with reality mixed to match,
Did I wake, or was I still a dreaming?
As I pondered that I sneezed again.

Band rehearsal, high school banners hanging,
Mr. Young directs with confident hand,
I stood there at the center of horn section,
The music stopped at once, I sneeze again.

What to do? I washed my face with water,
This time voyage was getting out of hand,
All I had on was a pair of boxers,
Brushed my teeth, got ready, no, too late.

Silent meadow, farm house, barn, horizon,
Piston engine sound behind the trees,
Bi-plan soared above into the heavens,
Gunshot, whizz, I’d better sneeze again.

In the shower, wash in steaming water,
Just can’t sneeze, no way, no way, no how,
Should I call my doc or physics professor?
Dried myself and dressed for any chance.

Dialed the school, ”Is Doctor Karnes available?”
Told my day in brief, he laughed so hard,
Maybe I should come to sneeze in tandem,
Doctor laughed, “Sure, let’s give that a chance.”

In his office, “Sure you’re sane, not crazy?”
Silence, stood together by his desk,
“I have class to teach in twenty minutes”
A sneeze was growing within, I grabbed his hand.

In an instant, we are in some forest,
Pawpawsaurus growled right to our left,
Doctor Karnes retreated to the bushes,
“NO!” I yelled for him and sneezed again.

Back at Doctor’s office I stood silent,
What was I to do? My heart sank low,
Secret held, I walked out of the building,
Better go and get some nasal spray.


November 21, 2013

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